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ABC’s Michael Jackson-Powered Tribute to ‘Lost’ (video)

Here's the first of 10 music videos paying homage to key characters in the show's history

ABC is using Michael Jackson's "Ben" to kick off a new series of music videos devoted to the core characters of the show.

Taking a page from fans who've long paid homage to TV shows and characters with unofficial mashups and video montages, ABC has decided to produce ten video salutes to key "Lost"-ies. "Ben," of course, is all about the mysterious Ben Linus.

Other videos will focus on Sawyer, Locke, Desmond, Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sun & Jin, Richard Alpert and Sayid. (UPDATE 1:22 PM: An ABC press release incorrectly said Desmond and Richard would be getting videos. They won't.)

Check out "Ben" below — or watch via ABC.com, where a link will lead you to a site on which you can buy the MJ song.