Abigail Disney, Roy Disney’s Daughter, Says Kavanaugh Hearing Triggered Abuse Trauma

Filmmaker opens up about her experience growing up

Abigail DIsney

Filmmaker Abigail Disney, daughter of longtime Disney company executive Roy E. Disney, spoke about her own experience with abuse after Thursday’s Brett Kavanaugh-Christine Blasey Ford senate hearing. In a Twitter thread, she said that Kavanaugh’s “rage and entitlement” reminded her of her own father.

“In all seriousness, I feel for Dr. Ford, I have experienced sexual assault,” Disney said, adding that “nothing has been as triggering for me” as Kavanaugh’s behavior during the hearing. “I had an angry, alcoholic father. He had an inside face and an outside face,” Disney said.

Kavanaugh addressed questions about his drinking during the senate hearing, but said repeatedly that he does not have a problem.

Her father, Disney said, could present a “lovely, sweet” face to the world if needed, and was not constantly angry. “But,” she said, “when he did rage it was terrifying.”

“Generally what would send him into a rage was the same thing that sets off Judge Kavanaugh,” she continued. “Our crimes were mostly thought crimes.” What linked them, she said, was when her father “felt that his status and entitlement were being threatened or questioned.”

Disney was careful to make it clear that her father never hurt her physically. “But when you are six and your father rages, it feels that way, believe me,” she continued, likening what she saw as a child to Kavanaugh’s demeanor Thursday.

Disney made it clear that her father eventually got the help he needed to change. Not just for his addiction, she said, but also for “his sense of his own rank and entitlement. He needed to come to an understanding that he was just a man, and was not owed more than every one else around him.”

“He did change and that’s an incredibly powerful and amazing thing,” Disney continued. She then said she believes Kavanaugh needs similar help, and urged the senate not to confirm him. See her entire thread below.