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Jimmy Kimmel Will Be ‘The King of Late Night for the Next 20 Years,’ Says Adam Carolla (Video)

The comedian and podcaster also weighs in on Jimmy Fallon

Adam Carolla said that Jimmy Kimmel will be "the king of late night for the next 20 years."

He added, "There's no doubt in my mind."

Though to be fair, Carolla has to say that — after all, Kimmel is his best friend. Still, the podcaster championed the late night host.

"Jimmy is going to outwork and out-hustle and out-stay everybody," Carolla told HuffPost Live.

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The two first met when Kimmel was on the radio and Carolla was a boxing trainer. He actually trained Kimmel for a fight to settle an on-air spat. The two have been tight since, doing several shows together, including Comedy Central's "The Man Show."

When host Alyona Minkovski asked Carolla about competition Jimmy Fallon, Carolla said, "I like him but I would never say that in front of [Kimmel]."

Carolla concluded by saying "He seems like a nice guy, he seems like a funny guy — but I'd still put my money on Kimmel."

Though with Carolla's Fund Anything campaign for upcoming film "Road Hard," his money might be your money. Checking in on that: With 17 days to go, Carolla has raised over $927,000 of his $1 million goal.

Watch the clip: