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Adam Carolla Offers 10 Grand if Any ‘Dora the Explorer’ Writer Can Pen ‘Modern Family’ Script

”If they do two pages of it, I’ll give you $10,000,“ podcast king challenges ”fucking hacks“

Adam Carolla is a lot of things: the world’s top podcaster, a former “Man Show” co-founder, and the father of 9-year-old twins. One thing he is not is a fan of “Dora the Explorer” — and the “Road Hard” star is supplementing that disdain by putting his money where his mouth is.

On Friday’s “Adam Carolla Show” podcast, the multi-hyphenate pledged $10,000 to any writer of the cartoon who can hack it in the adult sitcom world.

“They’re capable of providing entertainment for … children and retarded adults,” Carolla quipped, explaining that only a 48-year-old with the intellect of a 7-year-old child could possibly dig “Dora.”

“Do not ever think for one second — one hot second — that you can provide entertainment for anybody that has two brain cells to rub together,” he ranted. “Don’t think I don’t know how weak and feeble you are, and you couldn’t write a joke that would make it onto a Tim Allen sitcom from the ’80s, you fucking hacks.”

That’s when the cash came out.

“And I’ll put a challenge up to these guys: I’ll put up $10,000,” Carolla continued. “You write me one good [‘Modern Family’] spec script, I’ll give it to [Eric] Stonestreet. If they do two pages of it, I’ll give you $10,000.”

The podcast king concluded: “Why would you be at ‘Dora the Explorer’ if you had talent?”

Obviously, on some level, the comedian was joking, because that’s what he does for a living. But Carolla has the coin, and is much a betting man as he is a man of principle. This isn’t the first time the “Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman” documentarian has bashed programming aimed at the youngsters.

When reached for comment, a Carolla colleague told TheWrap via email: “It’s actually a spec script that gets bought for production, he is willing to put up the bucks! And including ‘Caillou’ and ‘Wah Wah Wovzie..'”