Adam Carolla on Gay Mafia: It Runs Hollywood and Makes Comedians’ Lives Suck

“If you can’t work with gay people, you’re gonna have a difficult time in Hollywood,” Carolla says

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Adam Carolla has sounded off on the so-called gay mafia that allegedly looms large over Hollywood.

The “Catch a Contractor” star weighed in on the topic during a recent interview with Salon, asserting that, if one has an ill opinion of homosexuals, “you can’t live in Hollywood.”

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The assertion was preceded by an exchange about whether cultural insensitivity limits options for comics such as Carolla.

“It’s weird that comedians are on the list of people who are offending other people with the things they say. It’s counterintuitive,” Carolla replied. “It’s like — I think every year Variety or the Hollywood Reporter or one of those magazines comes out with a list of celebrities or notables that hate the gay community. Whatever it is. I was on that list, because in 2011 I made a joke about Chaz Bono. Jesus Christ, if you can’t joke about Chaz Bono, then we’re all through!”

Pushed on whether he did in fact harbor homophobic tendencies, Carolla noted that anyone with such feelings is “gonna have a difficult time” working in Hollywood.

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“My feeling about the gay community — first off, you can’t live in Hollywood and get along in this business and be in theater companies and improv companies and have issues with gay people,” Carolla asserted. “My last movie I did was a boxing movie called ‘The Hammer,’ and the director [Charles Herman-Wurmfeld] was gay. If you can’t work with gay people, you’re gonna have a difficult time in Hollywood. There’s plenty of gay people and they’re in positions above you. You’re not going to get your movie directed. I don’t have a problem with it — they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.”

Carolla, who in the past has raised eyebrows by asserting that women have inferior senses of humor and categorizing the Occupy movement as “self-entitled monsters,” went on to offer his thoughts about gay marriage.

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“In the book [Carolla’s “President Me: The America That’s in My Head”], what I say about the gay community is that someone sent me ‘the top 10 reasons gays should marry.’ One: They’re American. Two: They pay taxes. Three through five: So they can shut the fuck up. I don’t want to be lying on my deathbed and realize gay marriage and legalization of marijuana is all I discussed the last half of my life.”