Adam Driver Embraces Past Roles in ‘SNL’ Monologue Christmas List, Tells Santa He’s ‘From the Nice List, and Also ‘Girls” | Video

He follows up with a faux anti-cancel culture jab at “Star Wars” fans

Adam Driver delivered his “Saturday Night Live” monologue in an ironic deadpan, using his acclaimed acting skills to nail a series of absurdist punchlines. Plus, he did it all while playing piano using what he described as his “very big hands” after asking for a closeup on them.

The premise was Driver delivering his Christmas list to Santa Claus because, as the actor said, “I know Santa watches ‘SNL’ — he hasn’t liked it since Kattan left,” referencing former castmember/recent “Celebrity Big Brother” star Chris Kattan.

The actor proved game to play with his own public image, opening his list with the introduction, “It’s me, Adam… Driver, from the Nice List, and also, ‘Girls.’” He followed the reference to his breakout HBO role by later adding, “Oh, and I’d like people to stop coming up to me on the street saying, ‘You killed Han Solo.’ I didn’t kill Han Solo — wokeness killed Han Solo.”

He more seriously talked about this recently with CNN’s Chris Wallace, telling the host that it still happens about once a month thanks to his history as Kylo Ren in the “Star Wars” franchise. In that interview, he also got into what it was like shooting the scene with Harrison Ford and the fear he had that a premiere audience was going to spot him and “be like, ‘There he is, get him!’”

Driver’s Christmas list included a shot at Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck, as Driver said, “I also want one of those giant metal Tesla trucks. I think it would pair perfectly with my teeny, tiny micropenis.”

There’s a certain style of TikTok that got a left field attack from the host, with Driver adding, “Oh, you know those TikToks where it’s like those couples who do pranks on each other? Can you kill those people?” The crowd enthusiastically responded, which Driver broke to acknowledge.

Watch the full “SNL” monologue video above to see Driver deliver a few more bits, including holiday jokes about gingerbread men and eggnog, as well as a plug for his new movie “Ferrari.”


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