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'Adam Ruins Everything' Exposes Problems With Airbnb (Exclusive Video)

Turns out Airbnb can end pretty badly for renters and their guests

TruTV's "Adam Ruins Everything" hasn't quite ruined everything yet, but host Adam Conover has done a pretty good job dismantling the "rationale" behind buying diamond engagement rings, the TSA, and the Electoral College. In Tuesday's episode, Conover delves into America's housing market, and we've got an exclusive clip you can watch above.

In the clip, Conover lays out the various problems with Airbnb, the service that allows people essentially become temporary hoteliers, using their own apartments or houses.

Airbnb-ing one's apartment, it turns out, can end pretty badly for both the person who owns the space and the person staying there. Conover reveals cases of carbon monoxide-poisoned guests and flooding toilets that cause $10,000 worth of damage that Airbnb isn't legally liable for.

"Adam Ruins Everything" isn't quite as British or angry as "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver," but it does perform an equally valuable service, in pretty nifty packaging. The show began its life as a web series -- as so many do these days -- on College Humor.

Watch the clip above, and catch the full episode Tuesday at 10/9c on truTV, in which Conover also exposes the American dream of home ownership for the lie it truly is.