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Adam Sandler Belts Out His Opera Voice For 28 Whole Seconds on ‘Conan’

The ”Uncut Gems“ star and comedian pays tribute to people in Italy singing from balconies

The coronavirus pandemic quarantine is revealing the inner talents of many people, and on “Conan” Monday night, Adam Sandler revealed just how long he can hold a note in his opera voice.

Sandler sang a note in his “golden voice” for 28 whole seconds. It was a gesture “for the world,” as Conan O’Brien said, and the host was floored.

“Oh my god, are you okay,” Conan asked Sandler as he caught his breath. “Nope,” Sandler replied, to which Conan added, “I have one question for you, why is it that when you’re singing you pose like a monster?”

Anyone who has seen Sandler’s famous Opera Man sketches from back in the day on “SNL” knows he can sing, but it’s remarkable to see him actually hold that pitch for as long as he does. Someone has studied circular breathing.

Sandler said he was feeling for the people in Italy, where the coronavirus hit hard, after he had spent time in the country while filming his Netflix movie with Jennifer Aniston, “Murder Mystery.” O’Brien mentioned the number of videos circulating around the web showing these naturally gifted Europeans across the country singing from their balconies.

There’s aren’t as many of those people in America, but we do have Adam Sandler.

The 28-second opera note was just part of a hilarious interview the “Uncut Gems” star did with Conan. He also had his daughter Sunny give a brief hello, and the two even practiced one of Sandler’s famous hand gestures that have become part of his characters.

You can watch the clip featuring Sandler’s opera note starting at the 5:14 minute mark above, and check out the full interview via teamcoco.com.