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Adam Sandler Blasts Roger Waters Over Israel Stance

”All these f-cking nice Israeli people are getting a ‘F-ck you'“ from Pink Floyd musician, actor says

“The Ridiculous 6” star Adam Sandler tore into former Pink Floyd bassist/vocalist Roger Waters while appearing on Howard Stern’s show on Tuesday, castigating Waters for his stance on Israel.

“I’m disgusted that they single out Israel — ‘Israel, we can’t play Israel.’ And all these fucking nice Israeli people are getting a ‘Fuck you’ from Roger Waters,” Sandler said during his interview with Stern.

Waters has been a vocal critic of Israel, railing against what he referred to as “Israel’s racist domestic and foreign policies” in an August 2013 Facebook post and calling for musicians to boycott Israel.

More recently, in October, Waters lashed out at Jon Bon Jovi over an upcoming show that Bon Jovi had been scheduled to play in Tel Aviv. In an open letter obtained by Salon, Waters wrote, “You stand shoulder to shoulder/With the settler who burned the baby/With the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie/With the soldier who shot the soccer player’s feet to bits/With the sailor who shelled the boys on the beach.”

Stern himself has had harsh words for Waters on the topic.

“Where’s the one place they can stick Jews where no one will be offended? Because the Jews are getting killed all over the world,” Stern said on his radio show. “Give them a little homeland on a desert where there’s no water, where essentially no one could live. And no one did live there despite the bullshit. And the Palestinians are these Arabs that could live in Egypt, that could live in Saudi Arabia, but guess what? Those countries don’t want them either. So they have a country, and Israel has a tiny little country and it bugs the shit out of Roger Waters.”

During his own interview with Stern, Sandler said, “I’m not crazy religious,” but noted that his upbringing taught him to “be proud of being a Jew, and that’s what I am.”

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