Adam Sandler Has Been Making Movies for Cool Vacations Ever Since ’50 First Dates’ (Video)

That explains a lot

Adam Sandler‘s latest comedy, “Blended,” took him to Africa with Drew Barrymore, and it sounds like he may have liked the setting more than the script.

Jimmy Kimmel asked the actor point blank on Wednesday if he chooses movie projects for vacation destinations, and Sandler quickly didn’t hesitate to respond, “Yes.”

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“I have done that since ’50 First Dates,’” Sandler said during the interview (above). “It was written in another place. I said, ‘Imagine if we did it in Hawaii, how great that movie would be.’ And they said, ‘Yeah, that’s a very artistic idea.’ I’ve been doing that ever since.”

“Blended,” a comedy about two families becoming one when two single parents fall in love on vacation, hits theaters on Friday.