Adam Sandler Scolds Overzealous Kevin James, James Corden at Youth Soccer Game (Video)

Oliver and Charlie have some pretty enthusiastic dads

These NBA and NHL Playoffs have nothing on youth soccer.

James Corden and Kevin James squared off Wednesday from the sidelines of a “Late Late Show” youth soccer game. Both thought their boy was the best, and they shared that spirit loudly and proudly. It got a bit too loud (and proud) pretty quickly.

At first, James and James just did some typical cheering from the bleachers. The encouragement really competitive and over-the-top from there.

Eventually, signs and banners came into play, as did choreographed cheerleading, singing and evening D.J.-ing. That’s when the “Kevin Can Wait” star brought out a full marching band, seemingly winning the war.

Eventually, referee Adam Sandler had to come from the pitch to break up the party. Also, the game was over for like an hour by the point, he informed them.

Watch the video above, and hopefully you can help the CBS stars find their missing children.