Adam Scott Has Double the Fun With Mike Huckabee’s Weird Capital Gazette Tribute

“What is wrong with you,” asks “Step Brothers” actor after former politician posts two photos of himself while honoring shooting survivors

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Mike Huckabee is known for generating the laughs (or trying to, anyway) on Twitter from time to time.

On Friday, the former Arkansas governor did so again — except inadvertently, this time.

At least, we hope it was inadvertent.

Huckabee took to Twitter on Friday to pay tribute to the staff of Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper, who suffered tragedy on Thursday, when a gunman killed five people at their offices.

Specifically, Huckabee feted the staff for pulling together a newspaper the day after the tragedy.

“A big salute to the staff of the Gazette, who despite being traumatized and losing staffers to death and injury, vowed that the next day’s edition would come out, and they worked at home and got it out,” Huckabee tweeted.

A lovely sentiment, but it was the photo — or, rather, photos — accompanying the tribute that got a number of people’s attention. Huckabee’s tribute was illustrated with side-by-side, identical photos of himself. Which would seem, on the face of it anyway, to slightly detract attention from the brave staffers at the Capital Gazette.

While the illustration was most likely the result of a technical gaffe, the former governor’s tweet had “Step Brothers” actor Adam Scott doubled over with laughter, or at least inquiry.

“What is wrong with you,” Scott tweeted of the tribute.

While Scott got the ball rolling, others picked it up and ran with it via replies to Scott’s tweet.

“A big saute to Mike Huckabee and the staff of Mike Huckabee for making the Mike Huckabee about Mike Huckabee,” one wag chimed in. “Now here’s two identical pictures of me, Mike Huckabee. One for each eyeball, just in case you see the world like Mike Huckabee.”

“I don’t understand why any photo of himself with the tweet, but why two and why those two? I don’t understand that family,” a befuddled observer offered.

“I can never do these magic eye things. What is it? A dolphin? Sailboat?” mused another responder.

“Are we supposed to find the differences between the two photos?” read another quizzical response.

TheWrap has reached out to Huckabee about his attention-grabbing photo choice.