Adele Chugs Tea With James Corden in New Carpool Karaoke (Video)

“The Late Late Show” host jams out to singer’s hits “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele joined James Corden for a new installment of Carpool Karaoke on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show.”

The duo started things off by singing Adele’s new smash hit single “Hello” with Adele complimenting Corden on his take on her song.

Then, after spilling some tea on herself, Adele decided the best course of action was to chug the rest of it to avoid future spills. Corden cheered her on the whole time.

They also touched on Adele’s love for the Spice Girls, which concluded with the two of them singing the classic girl-power jam “Wannabe.”

Corden then asked if Adele was worried that she would have trouble writing hit songs now that she was writing from a happier place. “I want my fans to come on, like, a journey with me,” Adele said. “One of the reasons I named my albums after my age, as well, is they’re sort of just Polaroids, almost, of my life at that time.”

Corden also asked if Adele had ever considered putting together a squad like Taylor Swift‘s. She has not, but Corden said if she put together a squad that consisted of Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer and Emma Stone, “Taylor Swift‘s squad would s–t themselves.”

Finally, Corden offered his services as a hype man during live performances, but something says that Corden should stick to his “Late Late Show” duties for now.

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