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Adele’s ‘Hello’ Inspires 64 Percent of Women to Contact Ex, New Study Shows

Only 17 percent of single men say they feel compelled to make amends with their ex

Adele’s “Hello” might be breaking records, but it might also be fixing broken hearts.

According to a new study, 64 percent of women were inspired by the song to contact their exes and repair a broken relationship.

Men remain unaffected; only 17 percent of surveyed males felt the desire to make amends with their ex after listening to “Hello.”

A total of 41,000 single men and women were surveyed by dating website WhatsYourPrice.com for a study that also revealed women are more prone to discussing the pitfalls of their past relationship, while men like to stay in the present.

“Women are known to base things on feelings and emotion, and the instant gratification of texting an ex may seem fulfilling in the moment” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com. “While men may be inspired by Adele’s song, they may not want to reopen old wounds by contacting an ex-girlfriend.”

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