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Adrian Grenier Teases ‘Naked Seizure’ in New Movie ‘Trash Fire’ (Video)

Sundance 2016: ”Entourage“ actor tells TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider about his physical and revealing performance

“Entourage” star Adrian Grenier teased a very revealing detail about his new movie “Trash Fire” ahead of the indie’s premiere Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival.

“My seizures come at the most unopportune moments,” Granier told TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider at Sundance about his character’s physical condition in Richard Bates Jr.’s latest entry to the festival’s Midnight section. “To have a naked seizure was interesting.”

Co-star Angela Trimbur, who plays Grenier’s pregnant wife in the movie, hints that one of the seizures occurs during a sex scene. “Side boob for me, full moon for him,” she said.

“A lot of gyrating is happening,” said AnneLynne McCord, who also stars in the movie.

Bates, whose movie “Excision” premiered at Sundance in 2012, wrote and directed “Trash Fire,” which also stars Fionnula Flanagan.

Watch the video above.