Adult Swim Boast: ‘Childrens Hospital’ Draws More Viewers Than ‘Don’t Shake the Baby’

The Rob Corddry sitcom is also more popular than (fake shows) “Gunt Wars” and “Don’t Put Your Hand in There!”

It would seem impossible that any show could outdraw a program titled "Don't Shake the Baby!"

But "Childrens Hospital" has done just that — at least if you believe an Adult Swim trailer teasing the Rob Corddry sitcom's Sept. 1 third-season finale given exclusively to Vulture on Thursday.

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The clip touts "Childrens Hospital" — which is set to air its "Party Down" reunion episode tonight — as being a "runaway success" due to the unlikely feat of having topped all of the following (entirely fake) cable programs in the (entirely fake) ratings:

"Gunt Wars"
"Don't Shake the Baby!"
"Policeman Vs. Fireman"
"Don't Put Your Hand in There!"
"Black Family and White Family"
"Prison Hospital"
"Funny Old People"
"Amateur Competition"
"Run Policeman, Run!"
"Teen Monpause"
"The Nipple Kings"
"The Winner"
"Screw-Ups and Blunders"
"Drunk Housewives"

The premise of the finale is that the massive popularity of "Childrens Hospital" has led to all of the show's wacky characters getting their own spinoffs.

Whether these spinoffs, with names like "Eternity Hills" and "The Ghost Doctorer," could ever hope to top "The Nipple Kings" and "Drunk Housewives" in the fake ratings race is sure to be a matter of debate.