‘Adventure Time’ Series Finale Teaser: Jake and Finn Join in ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Final Battle (Video)

The Great Gum War between Princess Bubblegum and Uncle Gumbald looks like a sticky situation

Last Updated: March 20, 2018 @ 10:20 AM

Who’s ready to shout “What time is it?” for the last time? Yes, “Adventure Time” will come to a close when the final episode drops on Cartoon Network later this year.

And while we don’t know exactly when Jack the Human and Finn the Dog will be leaving the Land of Ooo, we now have an idea of how they will be going out, thanks to a new teaser for the series finale of Pendleton Ward’s animated hit.

Season 10 has been released in four block installments and the first look at the last hoorah hit Monday, after the penultimate set of episodes dropped. In the promo, we see the beginnings of the epic final battle between Princess Bubblegum and Uncle Gumbald, which looks even more intense than anything that’s ever gone down on “Game of Thrones.”

A voiceover from Niki Yang’s BMO asks, “Do you know about the Great Gum War?”

Well, you may not yet, but you will (hopefully) soon.

Watch the teaser above.