Watch Colbert’s ‘Adventures of Mike Pence’ Cartoon Based on Old ‘Jonny Quest’ Footage (Video)

Once you see how much Race Bannon looks like the VP, you can’t unsee it

Following reports that President Donald Trump has “directly pressed” Vice President Mike Pence to somehow decertify Biden’s election win, Stephen Colbert thought he’d help the VP by animating his “adventure.” The result: “The Adventures of Mike Pence,” made with a little help from old “Jonny Quest” footage.

The title of Colbert’s episode of the fake animated series is, fittingly, “The Uncertain Certification.” In it, Pence (as played by “Jonny Quest” character Race Bannon) tries to decide if he should follow through with Trump’s demands.

“What to do, follow the Constitution or obey the president?” Pence/Bannon wonders. “The answer is clear: run away!”

From there, the narrator describes Bannon/Pence’s behavior in detail: “Mike Pence, fleeing his duty, fighting off his fellow Republicans.”

Bannon/Pence then fights multiple “Quest” bad guys, who are given the names of real-life conservative figures.

“Eat fist, Josh Hawley!” Bannon/Pence says, punching one. “Leave me out of this, Ron Johnson!” he says while attacking another. “Ted Cruz, your beard looks ridiculous,” he spits while mocking another villain, before the narrator says he must also battle himself. “Screw you, me!” he screams at a mirror.

“Could this really be the state of our democracy or is it all just a horrible dream?” the narrator asks, as Bannon/Pence wakes up screaming from a Trump dream.

Watch the full segment via the video above.


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