Glenn Beck Slams You-Know-Who in Megyn Kelly Letter

“I pray you are not on a morning cable show with an invisible audience,” TheBlazer founder says

Glenn Beck Radio Show
Glenn Beck Radio Show

Glenn Beck isn’t going to leave a punch unanswered.

 Beck , a former Fox News Channel host, penned an open letter Thursday to current FNC host Megyn Kelly, supposedly offering advice for how to advance her career. But Beck’s letter could be a response to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who warned Kelly earlier this week not to end up like… well, Glenn Beck.

Kelly is rumored to be pondering her next step after her current Fox News contract expires after November’s presidential election. Beck called her “one of the most talented television journalists” that he has ever seen. He warns Kelly that “being part of the Fox family is a remarkable experience” and “there are far worse places you can be.”

Beck not-so-subtly attacks “Morning Joe” co-host Scarborough throughout the letter with lines such as: “I pray you are not on a morning cable show with an invisible audience while you pretend you haven’t endorsed a candidate.”

Beck famously split with Fox News back in 2011 to start TheBlaze and warns Kelly that haters will consider her finished if she leaves Fox, regardless of who makes the decision.

“They may say your star has fallen. They may even say that you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame.” Beck said. “Let them.”

He continued: “Those who use your name to engage in their own personal search for relevance deserve your condolences, not your contempt.”

“Judging by your actions during this campaign cycle Megyn, anyone would be able to see that your principles take precedence over your own interests,” Beck wrote. “This characteristic is more rare in media than the average person can imagine.”

Beck appeared to take another shot at Scarborough when he said: “At least I don’t have to become a “supporter” of a candidate for ratings as they shower me with inauthentic praise and promises. Or, even worse, pretend to support a candidate (while pretending I don’t), just to keep the candidate coming on my show to inch (literally) up my ratings.”

Beck finishes with, “Anywho Megyn, whatever you do next, I know it will be game changing and I with countless others will be watching.”