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A&E Gets Busy: Tony Danza, Doug Liman, ‘Scared Straight 2’

Arnold Shapiro back for jail doc; ‘Bourne Identity’ producer Liman in for pilot on the paranormal

A&E made a flurry of big announcements Friday– a new pilot from "Bourne Identity" producer Doug Liman a new look at "Scared Straight" and Tony Danza's first day of school.

Limon's "The Unexplained" pilot will be a documentary about "strange phenomena and paranormal experiences." It's his first non-scripted television project. 

"Beyond Scared Straight" is a four-hour sequel to the Oscar-winning 1978 documentary "Scared Straight," which showed the participants in a program that took young law-breakers inside a New Jersey prison to get a reality check from hardened inmates. Producer by Arnold Shapiro will return for this 32-years-later sequel.

Finally, the network also announced a start date for "Teach: Tony Danza," a seven-episode hourly reality series chronicling the former "Who's the Boss" star's first year as a teacher in a Philadelphia high school. It will premiere Oct. 1 at 10 p.m.