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A&E Officially in Jackson Family Business

 Now it’s really, truly, 100 percent official: A&E has greenlit production on a documentary style reality series starring several members of the Jackson family.


A network spokesman confirmed the decision to TheWrap Tuesday morning. The show will be produced by Point Seven Entertainment. Further details weren’t available at this time, he said.


The Jackson family series has been in the works for some time now and has been reported on extensively by several media outlets. Just last week, The Hollywood Reporter’s Roger Friedman reported that A&E execs had decided to give the project a greenlight, but at the time, A&E officials declined to confirm any decision had been made.


A&E is proceeding with the Jackson series even though it has not yet aired its separate Jackson family special featuring the clan. That special was shot before Michael Jackson died, but doesn’t include any footage of the late pop icon.


The reality series will feature new footage of the Jackson clan in the wake of Michael’s death. Just what the surviving Jacksons will be doing — preparing for a tour? grieving Michael?– is unclear.


Meanwhile, "Entertainment Tonight" has obtained footage from the A&E special and will air it tonight, industry insiders said.