A&E Wants to Out Gay Stars

PR pro Howard Bragman sold the cable network on a one-time special that helps celebs come out of the closet

We'll see how this one works.

Publicist Howard Bragman wants to help celebrities come out of the closet — on national television.

Bragman, who is the chairman of Hollywood PR agency Fifteen Minutes, sold A&E on a pitch for a one-time reality TV special where gay stars who have been playing straight will come out of the closet.

Over the years, Bragman has earned a reputation for helping gay celebrities including Chaz Bono and Meredith Baxter navigate the coming out process. 

Bob Horowitz and Juma Productions will executive produce the special for A&E along with Bragman, who is currently searching for celebrities to appear on the special. He'll be hosting the show himself. 

"I'm going to be the talent, I'm the booker, I'm the producer and I think I'll probably work craft services too," Bragman said. 

News of Bragman's planned A&E coming out of the closet special was first reported on PRNewser