AEG on Jackson Lawsuit: Conrad Murray Wasn’t Our Guy

AEG insists that Murray was Jackson’s personal physician — not an employee of the concert promoter


Concert promoter AEG fired back Thursday at a lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson's mother, insisting that it was not responsible for the hiring or supervising of Dr. Conrad Murray, as her claim suggests.

AEG Live LLC attorney Marvin Putnam said in a written statement that Dr. Conrad Murray was Jackson's own doctor, not an employee of the concert promoter.

"The lawsuit is inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless," Putnam said. "Dr. Murray was Mr. Jackson's longtime personal physician. AEG did not choose him, hire him or supervise him."

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Katherine Jackson claims the promoter failed to provide important lifesaving equipment and should have monitored the cardiologist who was caring for Jackson as he prepared for a run of 50 comeback shows in London.

Putnam said he would not decline further on the lawsuit.