Aereo to Launch Miami, Houston and Dallas Service in September

The basic membership for the antennae-based network TV-streaming and cloud DVR service is $8 per month

Aereo announced Thursday its official September platform launch dates for Miami, Houston and Dallas.

Miami's launch date is Sep. 2, Houston Sep. 16 and Dallas Sep. 23.

Users in those areas will be able to access free over-the-air television channels with a cloud-based DVR via supported mobile devices.

"Consumers want more choice and flexibility when it comes to how they watch television," Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia said. "Aereo is the easiest, most convenient way for consumer to access broadcast television online using an antenna."

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Using Aereo, consumers can pause, rewind and fast-forward any program that they are watching live, or save a program for future viewing. Membership begins at $8 per month, which includes 20 hours of DVR storage. For an additional $4, consumer can upgrade to 60 hours of storage.

The technology is currently supported on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, AppleTV and Roku devices. Android support is expected later this summer.

The company has been sued numerous times in an attempt to block its technology from "stealing" broadcast networks' signals. Consumers cannot watch cable channels using Aereo.