After ‘Jeopardy!’ Sexism Controversy, David Letterman Offers 10 More Offensive Categories (Video)

“Late Show” host’s Top 10 List responds to “What Women Want” category during Monday’s “Jeopardy!”

David Letterman countered the “Jeopardy!” sexism controversy on Wednesday night with a Top 10 list devoted to even more offensive categories.

On Monday’s show, “Jeopardy!” used a category called “What Women Want.”

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Topics included jeans that fit well, a few moments of quiet to do a crossword puzzle, some help around the house (regarding a vacuum), pilates and a nice, relaxing cup of tea.

A female contestant burned through the category, answering all but one question correctly. The answers elicited cries of sexism on social media from viewers and celebrities, with Rosie O’Donnell saying, “I’ll take equal pay for $500,” as quoted on “The View’s” Twitter feed.

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Letterman offered some additional offensive categories for the long-running game show to consider, including “Alex Trebek Turn-Ons,” “NBA Bigots,” “Ugly Chicks” and “Actors We’re Glad Are Dead.” Check out Letterman’s Top 10 list above, and watch the “Jeopardy” category clues in the video below.