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After Mueller Report, Colbert Tells Trump He’s Sorry – That Trump Is ‘a Terrible President’ (Video)

”The Late Show“ host looks at the ”anticlimactic“ end to the special counsel investigation

On Monday, Stephen Colbert took a moment to process his feelings about the end of Robert Mueller’s investigation — specifically U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr’s assertion that Mueller’s report says there is no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump.

First, Colbert said the “anticlimactic” end of Mueller’s investigation was worse than the “Lost” finale. “I mean, what about the smoke monster, was it real or not?” Colbert asked during the show’s opening monologue. “And if not, why have so many members of Trump’s campaign plead guilty to lying about meeting with the smoke monster?”

“Why couldn’t have this been like the ending of ‘Seinfeld,'” Colbert continued. “Still disappointing, but at least they’re all in jail.”

After that, Colbert noted how “now that Barr says that Mueller says there’s no proof of collusion,” plenty of Trump supporters think the president is owed an apology.

“I will start,” said Colbert. “I have said one or two things about Donald Trump, like how he’s a terrible president, so now I’m just gonna bite the bullet and say it. Mr. President, if you’re watching, and I know you are: I’m sorry that you’re a terrible president.”

There’s plenty more. Watch the whole thing below: