Echo and Agatha Harkness Disney+ Series Confirmed by Marvel Studios

Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez/Echo will debut in “Hawkeye”

Marvel confirmed two more Disney+ series on Friday, including the Kathryn Hahn-led Agatha Harkness “WandaVision” spinoff.

Along with “Agatha: House of Harkness,” Alaqua Cox will reprise her upcoming “Hawkeye” character, Echo, in her own self-titled series. The two were revealed Friday in a Marvel Studios special that was released as part of the Disney+ Day event (which celebrates the anniversary of the streaming service’s launch in 2019).

“WandaVision” head writer Jac Schaeffer will serve in that same capacity for “Agatha.” No writer has been publicly announced for “Echo,” but Variety previously reported that it’s being written by Etan and Emily Cohen.

Hahn made her debut as Agatha Harkness in “WandaVision” (she went by Agnes for much of the show’s run), a centuries-old witch who was the main antagonist in the series. Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff left Agatha in a state of mind-controlled bliss after defeating her in the show’s finale. In the comics, Agatha serves as a mentor of sorts to Wanda.

Cox’s Echo (whose real name is Maya Lopez) will make her debut in “Hawkeye,” which premieres on Nov. 24. Echo, who is deaf, has the ability to perfectly mimic another persons movements. In the comics, she crosses paths with Moon Knight, Daredevil and The Avengers, as well as is the adopted daughter of The Kingpin.

Marvel Studios

“Echo” and “Agatha” join an increasingly-expanding list of original TV series from Marvel Studios. Along with the upcoming “Hawkeye,” Disney+ will have “She-Hulk,” “Moon Knight,” “Ms. Marvel,” “Secret Invasion,” “Iron Heart,” “Armor Wars,” an untitled series set in Wakanda, a “Guardians of the Galaxy” holiday special and a series of shorts starring Groot.

Additionally, Marvel ordered two more animated series, including “Marvel Zombies,” as well as a revival of the 1990s-era “X-Men: The Animated Series” cartoon. “What If…,” which debuted over the summer, was also formally given a second season.