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‘AGT’ Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong When Husband Can’t Hold on to Wife (Video)

Maybe don’t wear a blindfold next time, dude

Tuesday’s “AGT” featured a terrifying moment when an acrobat dropped his partner during a trapeze act gone wrong. Making matters worse, the duo was husband and wife — and their two-year-old son was sitting with his grandmother in the studio audience.


Thankfully, the woman was OK after the scary fall. The whole thing wasn’t made any less frightening by the stage they had set on fire for dramatic effect. You know, because this stuff needed an extra element of danger — beyond the added blindfold that basically did her in.

The judges and the crowd were frozen in horror when the fall occurred. These two crazies wanted to try the stunt again, but Mel B. (pictured above) would not let them. That was the first (and only) smart thing to happen during the performers’ stage time.

Watch the video above — through closed fingers, probably.

No word yet on how this morning’s breakfast went between the married couple. We’re guessing not well.