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Like ‘AGT’ Judges, You’ll Flip Out Over This Indian Dance Crew (Video)

V.Unbeatable may be v. unbeatable

Last Updated: August 21, 2019 @ 7:32 AM

Indian dance crew V.Unbeatable returned Tuesday to “America’s Got Talent.” Turns out, India’s got the goods too.

The crazy jumps and flips got a standing ovation from the NBC competition’s studio audience, and the judges. Simon Cowell even did that bow-down move towards the squad, though he looked a bit more like Frankenstein’s Monster learning how to kowtow.

Beside him, Julianne Hough was basically just bewildered by the whole thing. You’ll have a similar look on your face when V.Unbeatable breaks out the hula hoops.

Watch the video above.