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Evan Peters Watches Himself Strangle ‘AHS’ Co-Star to Death: ‘Annnd Crack’ (Exclusive Video)

“It’s a crazy parallel to see it’s me actually losing it, in a weird way,” actor tells TheWrap

Last Updated: May 26, 2018 @ 4:31 PM

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read ahead unless you’ve seen all of “American Horror Story: Cult.”)

If you were shocked watching Kai (Evan Peters) strangle the life out of his sister Winter (Billie Lourd) toward the end of “American Horror Story: Cult,” so was he. Well, Peters was. In fact, TheWrap got to watch the “AHS” alum react to¬†himself¬†choking his co-star in a recent interview for our Emmy Rewind series.

Peters chose this particular scene to screen with us, as it was a hard one for him to act out — and harder to view. “She’s my sister, my family, and it’s sort of taken this turn because it’s been planted by Sarah [Paulson]’s character that she’s the mole,” he says in the video above. “And I’m so crazed and gone and this point and so obsessed with this goal I mean, I’m willing to kill my family.”

“Annnd, crack,” he added when we heard Lourd’s neck “snap” in the clip.

In the most recent installment of Ryan Murphy FX anthology series, Peters played a cult leader who slowly slips into madness while continuing to amass more followers. So mad, in fact, he, well, murders Lourd’s character.

“It’s rough watching [this] cause, like I said, it was the end of the season and just complete exhaustion and mental breakdown. I learned a lot from this season in that, I basically went too far — almost similar to what Kai is doing, which was just, you know he has this goal of world dominance.”

“And I’m like, ‘Well, I really want to do a great job for this character and for this season, it was a current season,” he added. “And I really cared about it. I was really proud of this season and this role. So I wanted to do a great job. But I also was completely neglecting my family and friends and fiancee. And it was just really — in a way I felt like I was killing my own family. Not that way, obviously. But it was dark. It’s a crazy parallel to see it’s me actually losing it in a weird way.”

Watch the full interview above.