A.J. Clemente Isn’t Alone! 5 Other News Personalities Who’ve Cursed on TV

From poultry sex to Shepard Smith's infamous J.Lo goof, five potty-mouth gaffes from talking heads

A.J. Clemente — the North Dakota anchorman who was fired after dropping an F-bomb on-air during his first day on the job — shouldn't feel too bad about his situation.

For one thing, he's probably more famous now than he ever would have been if he hadn't cursed on air. And for another thing, he's not alone in his dilemma!

In an effort to boost Clemente's spirits, TheWrap presents five other anchors who have inadvertently let fly with the potty talk while on the job.

Need we warn you that the following videos contain language that's Not Safe for Work? (Especially for the anchors involved.)

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During a tease segment, Sue Simmons, then with WNBC in New York, clearly became exasperated with something occurring off-screen, blurting out, "The f— are you doing?" A solemn apology quickly followed.

Fox News' Shepard Smith suggests that residents of Jennifer Lopez's old neighborhood would rather "give her a curb job than a blow job." Sounds reasonable.

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After repeatedly bumbling through a report on the collapse of Detroit Pistons player Rodney Stuckey, ESPN's Heather Cox blurts out an S-bomb — followed, amusingly enough, by a "golly!"

Frustrated by a pair of Opie and Anthony supporters who were interrupting his report on MTA MetroCard fraud, Arthur Chi'en — who was reporting for WCBS TV, but not for long — asked the real hard-hitting question.

Following a weather report, Ernie Anastos of New York's WNYW-TV suggests a rather unorthodox use of poultry to weatherman Nick Gregory.