Al Gore Weighs In on Jimmy Kimmel’s Crazy Kanye West Interview (Video)

The former vice president also offers this gem about while he travels sans Secret Service: “I’m not worth killing anymore”

Al Gore is a normal guy now: He flies Southwest Airlines and he was invested in Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West’s beef.

Perhaps the only difference between he and a mere civilian is that the former vice president is probably the biggest defender of the Earth, this side of Captain Planet.

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On Tuesday, Kimmel asked his guest if he still travels with the Secret Service.

“I’m not worth killing anymore,” Gore deadpanned.

So how does the global warming lobbyist travel? “I try to get A1 on Southwest Airlines,” Gore admitted. “It’s been a long way down, Jimmy.”

The conversation then turned to Kimmel’s much-publicized spat with Kanye: Gore called the crazy on-air interview “awesome” and “really impressive.”

To which Kimmel replied, “Well, thank you,” adding, “I didn’t talk, but I appreciate that.”

Watch the clip: