Al Jazeera America Announces 12 New U.S. Bureaus and Correspondents

New cable news network will have correspondents stationed across the country

Al Jazeera America announced 12 American news bureaus on Tuesday: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

“It is critical for Al Jazeera America to have bureaus strategically placed throughout the U.S. so that we can cover the news from wherever it happens,” said Al Jazeera America's senior vice president of newsgathering Marcy McGinnis. “We want our correspondents to report on a wide range of local, state and regional stories within the context of what it means for the rest of the country."

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With 12 domestic bureaus, Al Jazeera America will match CNN in its national coverage. According to Pew's 2012 State of the Media, Fox News has 11 American bureaus and MSNBC  has just seven.

Correspondents for San Francisco and New York have yet to be announced, but the other 10 bureaus have one reporter per city. For Chicago: Ash-har Quraishi, formerly of Chicago PBS station WTTW; Dallas: Heidi Zhou Castro, previously of YNN Austin; Denver: Paul Beban, from Al Jazeera English; Detroit: Bisi Onile-Ere, who has reported and anchored for several local Michigan and Minnesota stations; Los Angeles: Jennifer London, of MSNBC and local station KCET; Miami: Natasha Ghoneim, who's worked for LA's KNBC and New York's NY1; Nashville: Jonathan Martin, from the city's WSMV affiliate; New Orleans: Robert Ray, from the Associated Press; Allen Schauffler, longtime reporter at the city's KING; and Washington D.C.: Libby Casy, previously host of C-SPAN's "Washington Journal."

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Al Jazeera America is set to launch August 20. Last week, the network announced that Joie Chen would anchor its flagship nightly news show, "America Tonight."