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Al Michaels Apologizes for Harvey Weinstein Joke on ‘Sunday Night Football’

Yes, it was a bad week for New York Giants wide receivers — but not THAT bad

Veteran sports broadcaster Al Michaels jokingly compared New York Giants wide receivers to Harvey Weinstein’s very bad week on “Sunday Night Football” — and apologized on-air within the hour.

“Sorry I made a reference earlier,” the NFL primetime play-by-play man began his mea culpa. “I tried to be a little flip about somebody obviously very much in the news all over the country. It was not meant in that manner. So my apologies, and we will just leave it at that.”

Partner Cris Collinsworth echoed Al’s “leave it at that” sentiment, and so they did.

Roughly 20 minutes and several commercial breaks had passed between Michaels’ joke and his apology. The legendary broadcaster began trending on Twitter during that duration.

NBC Sports did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s question about what prompted Michaels to address the joke.

Michaels joke was prompted by New York Giants’ wide receiver unit losing an unprecedented four players to injury last Sunday, and at least two are out for the entire season — including star player Odell Beckham Jr.

Meanwhile, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was fired from his job at the company he co-founded and faces criminal investigations in New York and London for sexual misconduct. He has been booted from multiple Hollywood organizations, including the Academy that hands out Oscars as more accusers have come forward. And his wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, announced she was leaving him.

So yeah, he probably had a worse week.

Despite their depleted roster, the Giants were able to defeat the Denver Broncos last night, 23-10. It was New York’s first win of the season.