Shepard Smith Praised by Sean Hannity, Al Roker and More on Surprise Fox News Exit: ‘Best Anchor They Have’

“I’ve always said there is nobody better at breaking news than Shep Smith,” Sean Hannity said

shepard smith

Al Roker, Kathy Griffin and Sean Hannity were among the news personalities and stars tweeting reactions Friday to the surprise news that Shepard Smith is stepping down from his post as chief news anchor at Fox News.

Smith, a known critic of President Trump who has been with the network since its launch, was trending on Twitter Friday, as fellow members of the media, politics and Hollywood actors weighed in on his sudden departure.

“He was the best anchor they have,” said Roker of NBC’s “Today” show.

“I’ve always said there is nobody better at breaking news than Shep Smith. He has always done great things and I know he will continue to do so. Looking forward to seeing Shep crush it in whatever he does next,” said Hannity, a Fox News host.

Griffin was among some who speculated about the reasons for Smith’s departure — despite network officials saying that the decision to leave was entirely Smith’s. “Hmmmmm. Openly gay, honest journalist Shep Smith resigns the day after CORRUPT AG Barr meets w Rupert Murdoch,” she tweeted, referencing a New York Times report that Attorney General William Barr met with Fox Corporation mogul Murdoch earlier this week.

Actor John Leguizamo echoed Griffin’s suspicions. “The only voice of reason at the #originalfakenewsFOXNEWS #shepSmith leaving prolly because #barr spoke to #Murdoch and now #foxnews is a state owned propaganda machine! Dangerous times we in my people!” Leguizamo tweeted.

Joe Walsh, a Republican presidential candidate, tweeted in support of Smith.

“The facts. The truth. A free press. The things that should matter. Shep is a class act. Fox News is worse off. Godspeed @ShepNewsTeam,” Walsh said, referring to Smith’s Twitter handle.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume also had kind words for Smith.

“Shep Smith has been there from the beginning and was the most talented breaking news anchor I ever saw,” he said. “Fox News Channel will not be the same without him,” Hume said.

“@ShepNewsTeam is leaving Fox News. I am feeling the same celebratory joy as when a Handmaid is able to escape Gilead and live in freedom,” said CNN contributor Ana Navarro-Cárdenas.

“Shep, Thankyou for your service, Sir!” said “Xena: Warrior Princess” actress Lucy Lawless.