‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Season 10 Trailer Looks Like It’s Just One Disaster After Another (Exclusive Video)

And then there’s COVID

Even beyond the continental United States, 2020 has been the pits. Discovery Channel’s “Alaska the Last Frontier” returns for its 10th season on Sunday, Oct. 25, and if it’s not one thing up in Homer, it’s another. (And yes, one of those things is coronavirus — even way the hell out there.)

Beyond COVID, this year, the Kilcher family must contend with wildfires, dead animals, a local bear, sleep deprivation, some gnarly injuries — yeah, it’s a whole thing.

In addition to the premiere date-knowledge we just dropped, TheWrap also has your first look at all the insanity. Watch the Season 10 “super tease” via the video above.

The Kilchers have lived on their homestead for 80 years and they ain’t going nowhere — even when others definitely have to. This season, when film crews had to be evacuated just nine days into production due to the growing global pandemic, The Kilcher clan elected to film themselves for the next 10 weeks.

Here’s what else Discovery says is in store for Season 10:

This season, with hunting off the homestead put on hold during the pandemic, Jane works to help fill the family’s freezer with fish and becomes the main provider of meat this summer. And after seeing so many locals hit hard economically, Eve plants a massive summer garden that is large enough to supply both the homestead and Homer’s food bank with fresh fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, August takes the opportunity to follow in his grandfather Yule’s footsteps as a filmmaker and document this unprecedented time on camera.


And the Kilchers work to overcome other difficulties as well. As Atz Sr. plans to rebuild the first cabin his family ever lived in on the homestead, he suffers from several health scares that threaten to sideline this important project. Atz Lee devotes the summer to building a new off-grid cabin in the backcountry, but is plagued by crippling episodes of PTSD from his life-threatening fall several years ago. Helping Atz Lee with both the build and his PTSD is his 19-year-old son, Etienne, who became a man in his father’s eyes this summer. Otto, Charlotte and their 23-year-old son August must contend with two complicated cattle drives during the pandemic, as well as an emergency on Kilcher road after a rainstorm threatens to wash out the only passage to the homestead. And Eivin, with his wife Eve and two young children at home, severely cuts his leg and must be rushed to an emergency doctor for help. This year, for the first time ever, the outside world comes crashing into the homestead, and the Kilchers rally to protect their way of life for the future.

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is produced for Discovery Channel by Discovery Studios. For Discovery Studios, Molly Mayock, Sandy Varo Jarrell and Suzanne Rauscher are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Gretchen Morning is executive producer and Cameron Doyle is coordinating producer.

Season 10 of “Alaska the Last Frontier” premieres Sunday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.


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