Alec Baldwin Beat up by NY Post With ‘Livid! From New York!’ Front Page

New York newspaper unveils pun-heavy cover following actor’s arrest on Friday

Last Updated: November 2, 2018 @ 5:53 PM

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Kinda like a punch over a parking spot.

On Friday, after “30 Rock” alum Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York for an alleged assault, Baldwin took a thumping himself — from the New York Post.

Following news of Baldwin’s arrest on Friday, the Post unveiled its cover for Saturday’s edition, featuring none other than Baldwin — and a heaping dose of the Post’s famous penchant for wordplay.

“Livid! From New York!” the headline blares next to a photo of an angry-looking Baldwin emerging from a police station.

For those with actual social obligations on the weekends, that would be a play on Baldwin’s frequent appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” where he often appears as President Donald Trump.

The headline’s punniness doesn’t end there, as it continues, “It’s Alec Brawldwin.”

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department confirmed to TheWrap that Baldwin had been arrested Friday, adding that he was being held and that assault charges were pending.

While the police spokesperson had no further details on the arrest at the time, NBC News reported that Baldwin is accused of punching someone in the West Village. Citing law enforcement sources, the network said Baldwin was involved in an argument over a parking spot.

According to the Daily Beast, someone was holding the spot for Baldwin, and before Baldwin could park in the spot, another individual drove in and took the space.

Way to punch up a headline, New York Post.

See tomorrow’s news today below.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.


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