Alec Baldwin NY Mag Writer Divulges Actor’s Pain: ‘He’s Like A Guy Who’s Trying to Break Up With a Girlfriend’ (Video)

Joe Hagan dished to CNN about Alec Baldwin’s emotional state when writing his “farewell” letter

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:19 AM

New York magazine’s Joe Hagan appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Monday and revealed the emotional whirlwind Alec Baldwin was going through when the actor conveyed his feelings to him in a controversial letter published in the magazine slamming MSNBC and various others.

“It came out of the blue,” Hagan explained. “It was very unusual actually, it was not through a publicist or anything like that– he just came to me… He genuinely wanted to understand what happened to the media — such that he arrived at this point where his career had been tarnished.”

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“Basically, the whole story is him trying to understand what’s happened to him,”  Hagan said. “I would describe it as more like a guy who’s trying to break up with a girlfriend and it’s very painful for him. You know, this is a relationship he’s had for years. It’s had its ups and downs but now he’s done, he’s saying. He admitted it was a difficult process. It’s not easy for him to make a clean cut like this but he’s trying to.”

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“What does that mean?!” Kate Bolduan interjected. “He’s trying? Can’t you just say I’m done?”

“That’s true,” Hagan conceded. “But I think he also wanted to settle some scores and have the public understand as he, you know, kind of a farewell letter. We’ll see if it’s an actual farewell about what happened to him.”

Watch Hagan reveal Baldwin’s emotions below via CNN: