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Alec Baldwin Asks Which ‘Tonight Show: At Home Edition’ Guest Has Been ‘Most at Their Wits’ End’ (Video)

Jimmy Fallon’s talking to Tina Fey on Friday, so…

Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin began their video-chat interview on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” with a diabolical laugh-off. So yes, it’s clear that both comedians are going a little cuckoo while cooped up in their Hamptons homes all day.

“Here’s what I started doing, I started playing the board games backwards,” Fallon told Baldwin, explaining how he and wife Nancy are trying to entertain their young daughters, Winnie and Franny. “So Candyland starts at the end and you gotta make it all the way to the beginning. With Chutes and Ladders, I’m playing Ladders and Chutes, so now the Chutes are fun… We’re running out of ideas.”

Alec asked which of Jimmy’s guests from his first eight days of doing a remote version of the NBC late-night show has had the biggest case of cabin fever, as they’re all staying in — just like us — during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now, who is the person you’ve spoken to in this tableaux here who you think is the most like at their wits’ end and they’re cracking up? Who is going over the deep end?” Baldwin asked.

“Oh gosh, besides *me*? Everyone’s kind of been dealing OK,” Fallon, who has so far done at-home “Tonight Show” interviews with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Garner, J Balvin, Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice, John Legend and Niall Horan. “I mean, I’m talking to Tina [Fey] tomorrow. So we’ll see what she’s doing.”

“I can’t imagine,” Baldwin, who starred on “30 Rock” with Fey, said to Fallon, who acted alongside her for years on “Saturday Night Live.”

“She told me she’s doing a lot of Zooming with Amy [Poehler’s] kids and Maya [Rudolph’s] kids and [Rachel] Dratch’s kids,” Fallon said.

“You know that Tina is gonna come out the other end of the quarantine with another hit Broadway musical idea, like, ‘Quarantine: The Musical!'” Baldwin told him.

Watch Thursday’s full “Tonight Show: At Home Edition” above and tune in tonight to see if Baldwin and Fallon’s predictions about how Fey is holding up are accurate.