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Alec Baldwin Advises ‘SNL’ Alum What to Say When His Kids Ask About Stormy Daniels’ Cameo

”Dad, how do I get on ‘Saturday Night Live’? Well you be an adult film star,“ Joe Piscopo says

Alec Baldwin offered tongue-in-cheek advice to “Saturday Night Live” alumni Joe Piscopo, who wasn’t thrilled with Stormy Daniels’ recent cameo on the show, as he said he’d have a tough time explaining the porn star’s appearance to his kids.

“What do I tell my kids? Dad, how do I get on ‘Saturday Night Live’? Well you be an adult film star. I mean, really?” said Piscopo, calling into the Fox Business program “Mornings With Maria” on Monday.

“My old alma matter, I love them, I’m so loyal to ‘SNL.’ But Stormy Daniels on ‘SNL’?” Piscopo said. “Lorne Michaels doesn’t even ask me to go on ‘SNL.’ Stormy Daniels? I thought it was way, way, over the line and totally unnecessary.”

The NBC program, known for regularly mocking President Trump, reached for next level trolling last weekend after inviting the real live porn star on set for a scripted one-on-one phone call with Alec Baldwin’s Trump. In the rendition, Daniels warned the faux-president that a “storm” was coming and that she would not stop until she received a “resignation.”

It’s unclear what the real Trump — who is known to despise Baldwin’s performance – thought of the sketch, but Baldwin took to Twitter to offer the SNL star-turned-conservative-radio-host an education on the matter.

“Joe Piscopo asks, ‘What will I tell my children?'” tweeted Baldwin. “You tell them Trump is a compulsive adulterer who pays off porn stars w $ from dubious sources. What else?”

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