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Alec Baldwin to NY Times: Back to School, Then Political Office

The ”30 Rock“ star talked with the Times’ Sarah Maslin about Mayor Michael Bloomberg and how ‘middle class’ the Upper West Side is…

It seems Alec Baldwin keeps himself in the news every day, be it with Twitter comments or his political ambitions. When it comes to the later, the "30 Rock" star finally gave some concrete answers to the New York Times.

Does he approve of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg? Yes and no. He has "nothing against him" but continues to be outspoken against his changing the term limits.

Does that mean he is running for mayor? Possibly, but not in 2013.

Why not? For one, "30 Rock" prevents him. For another, he plans on going back to school in the fall of 2012.

When he does run for office, is he afraid of the skeletons in his closet? That includes his ugly divorce from Kim Basinger, a nasty voicemail about his daughter Ireland and his often newsworthy brothers.

Seems he is not.

“What I do for a living has provided people with an almost bottomless container of video clips of me doing the most asinine things,” Baldwin told the Times. But he remained confident that he would be able to weather criticism of his past behavior, “including the tape of me with my daughter.”


Finally, there was this tidbit — his belief that living on Manhattan's Upper West Side would help his campaign because it is more middle class. Not sure how many people would describe it that way. The Upper East Side may be ritzier, Soho may be posher and Gramercy may be more exclusive, but the Upper West Side is not exactly an average American enclave.


Maybe Baldwin put all his money in gold.