Alec Baldwin: President Trump ‘Looks Incredibly Constipated’ (Video)

“It seems like he won, but he acts like he lost,” the actor tells James Corden

Alec Baldwin and “Scandal” star Kerry Washington appeared on “The Late Late show with James Corden” on Tuesday night to essentially mock President Trump.

Baldwin, who impersonates POTUS on “Saturday Night Love,” went so far as to say Trump “looks incredibly constipated.”

Washington noted that “Scandal” used to be shocking, but now plays like “Little House on the Prairie” compared to the Trump administration.

Corden thanked Baldwin for helping America “laugh through” Trump’s presidency, then showed an old photo of the actor with Trump.

“He was a different person,” Baldwin said of Trump. “He was very gregarious and kind of back-slapping and social. I didn’t know him well, I would run into him. He’s not at all like he is now where he won the election, he’s President of the United States, and he still looks incredibly constipated. He looks terrible.”

Baldwin added: “It seems like he won, but he acts like he lost. He’s very bitter… I think it’s inexplicable, I thought he’d really change his complete tone when he won and he hasn’t.”

The actor recently hinted that his run as Trump on “SNL” might soon be over, telling “Extra” that the “maliciousness of this White House” is to blame. “That’s why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation, I don’t know how much more people can take it,” he said.

Check out the video above.