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Alec Baldwin Shares Secret of Playing Trump: ‘Eyebrow Up, Stick My Face Out’ (Video)

“I was in the makeup room putting my wig on and it was literally a scene from a mental hospital,” the “SNL” star tells Jimmy Kimmel of the first time he played the president

There is an art to playing Donald Trump, and Alec Baldwin has definitely perfected it.

The “Glengarry Glen Ross” star walked Jimmy Kimmel through the process of portraying the president on “Saturday Night Live.” And the first time he did it involved far less preparation than you’d think.

“The stage manager takes me to my mark for the first dress rehearsal at 8 o’clock, I had no idea what I was going to do,” Baldwin told the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host on Wednesday night.

“The moment I walked out, I just said to myself ‘eyebrow up, stick my face out, stick my mouth out’ — I was in the makeup room putting my wig on and it was literally a scene from a mental hospital,” he revealed, before spewing the word “China” over and over in his best Trump voice.

The resulting impersonation delighted “SNL” fans — and infuriated Trump, who’s since blasted both Baldwin and the show on Twitter.

Baldwin also told Kimmel that he was reluctant to even play the current POTUS when “SNL” creator/producer Lorne Michaels initially asked him to.

“I said ‘no, I don’t want to be Donald Trump on TV,’ because any time you have some kind of mimicry, it’s usually someone you appreciate.

“And I didn’t hate Trump … but Tina and Lorne pushed me.”

A flood of comedians are now lobbying to play Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and they all say Baldwin “sucks,” he joked.

“People ask ‘what was your whole gag?’ You can kind of suggest the voice, or suggest the way they look, but you’ve got to think of who he is,” he said of the proper technique to use when impersonating someone.

“To me, Trump is someone who is always searching for a stronger or better word, and he never finds it,” Baldwin told Kimmel.

Watch the video above.