See Alec Baldwin Return To ‘SNL’ To Mock The Trump Tapes (Video)

After taking shots at Trump following the debate, Baldwin is back on “SNL” to tell everyone that Trump can do more than just “grab it”

A week after they lampooned Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the first presidential debate, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin were at it again in the “Saturday Night Live” cold open. This time, they were tackling Trump’s tapes and his infamous “grab her by the p***y” comments.

The “SNL” cold open sketch showed Clinton and Trump reacting to this week’s big news on CNN. For Trump, it was time to make a sincere apology for his comments that he made “back when I was just a young childish 59 year old man”…or at least it was until he started flying off the handle by calling John McCain a “coward,” Ted Cruz a “loser,” and even throwing his running mate Mike Pence under the bus after he learned that he said he couldn’t defend Trump’s remarks.

But eventually he did apologize to those offended by his remarks, but he also gave an apology to “the people who were turned on by them. I hear it’s really 50/50.”

View the full “SNL” cold open above.

And when it came to explaining why women should give him another chance to prove he’s worthy of their vote, Alec Trump had this to say: “I promise I can do a whole lot more more than just grab it…I can bop it, twist it, and pull it!”

As for Hillary Clinton and her campaign…well, this was the scene at their offices.

Eventually McKinnon’s Clinton was able to stop the party long enough to answer some questions. When asked what she would say to women who are still planning to vote for Trump even after these tapes were released, she had this to say in between big sips of champagne:

“Ya brain broke. I love you…but b***h, you cray.”

Throughout all this, Baldwin’s Trump kept being caught on a hot mic saying more inappropriate thing, including a double whammy that included a reference to Hurricane Matthew, which is currently hammering the East Coast.

“I wish I was that hurricane tearing through all of that Miami p***y,” he said. “I would just destroy it.”

“Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted this week’s episode with musical guests Twenty-One Pilots. Emily Blunt will host on October 15 with Bruno Mars as musical guest, followed by Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga appearing on October 22.