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Alec Baldwin Tapped as Ambassador — Yes, Ambassador — of SAG Foundation

Hotheaded ”30 Rock“ star will spearhead charitable awareness, a month after getting tossed off a plane for throwing a fit

Alec Baldwin hasn't exactly come across as the most diplomatic personality in show biz lately, but the Screen Actors Guild is hoping that he can do his part to spread some good will for the organization.

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The famously cantankerous "30 Rock" star has been tapped as the newest ambassador for the SAG Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the guild. In his new position, Baldwin will be tasked with promoting the Foundation's charitable programs to the acting community, as well as to seek donations from the general public.

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To that end, a public service announcement featuring Baldwin will premiere at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony on Sunday.

“It is personally important to me that SAG members support the SAG Foundation," said Baldwin, whose series, "30 Rock," is nominated for two SAG Awards this year. "Through my involvement, I hope to bring greater recognition to its philanthropic and educational efforts.”

The 53-year-old Baldwin, of course, has generated at least as many headlines with his personal life as he has with his acting career lately. In early December, the actor was removed from an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International Airport after ignoring requests from flight personnel to turn off his phone as it sat at the gate. Baldwin, who according to crew on the flight then became belligerent, slamming the door of the airplane lavatory with such force that the pilot was forced to investigate.

Baldwin then went on to pen a sarcastic "apology" to American Airlines that managed to insult the entire airline industry. Shortly thereafter, Baldwin — in the guise of the flight's pilot — appeared on "Saturday Night Live" to apologize to himself.

New year, new leaf?