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Alec Baldwin Says He’d Love to Quit Acting and Be a Regular Guy

The "30 Rock" star also vows to drop Twitter after realizing it was a "waste of time" during James Gandolfini's funeral

Alec Baldwin would "love" to quit acting and he's never going to use Twitter again, according to a new interview in Vanity Fair.

The former "30 Rock" star's dream is to be just a regular guy … some day.

"I have one dream in my life and that is that this daughter I’m having — she comes to me about seven or eight years from now, she has a friend, and she’s at her house and she says, 'Daddy, Susie’s mom says you used to be on TV. Daddy, is that true?' She has no knowledge of me as a public person. That would be heaven for me."

When asked if he was going to quit acting, Baldwin said, "I’d love to if I could, yeah. That would be the greatest thing in the world…if I could find something else to do."

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As for Twitter, Baldwin credits the late James Gandolfini for his decision. 

"I went to Jimmy Gandolfini’s funeral, and when I was there I realized Jimmy Gandolfini didn’t have Twitter," Baldwin told VF. "Jimmy Gandolfini was so beloved as a person, and he was so admired as an actor, and he didn’t give a fuck about social media."

"I really learned a lesson at the funeral," Baldwin continued. "I said to myself, 'This is all a waste of time.' Meaning it’s fun sometimes, but less and less, and less. It’s just another chink in your armor for people to come and kill you."

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The same funeral played a role in Baldwin's latest — and apparently last — Twitter rant. Daily Mail reporter George Stark used Baldwin's wife's Twitter timeline to try to prove that she tweeted during the Gandolfini services.

Baldwin did not react kindly to the accusation, tweeting out, "If (sic) put my foot up your f—ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much," Baldwin. He followed that with: "I'm gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I'm gonna f— … you … up."

Eventually, Baldwin finished by posting, "My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, at our friends funeral. Now f— this twitter + good luck to all of you who know the truth."

The Vanity Fair interview also touched on some lighter fare, including Baldwin's character in Woody Allen's upcoming film, "Blue Jasmine," his affinity for travel alarm clocks and his love of classical music, classic movies and art. 

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