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Alec Baldwin’s 3-Hour Tweetathon From Rome: Jack Palance, Canadians, Thongs

The ”30 Rock“ actor goes back and forth with his followers for hours, touching on everything from film to vacation spots

Update 3:15 pm. PT: And the Tweetathon is back!

After a three-hour break, Baldwin started taking questions again with questions as varied as his first session (detailed below).

A couple of bits for "30 Rock" fanatics: Baldwin's favorite reality show is Hoaders and his favorite cigar is an Upmann Churchill.

Yet, as before, Baldwin is at his most entertaining when answering questions about his relations with and feelings towards women.

His secret to being sexy (asked @Catheline08)? "Due to the generosity and blurry vision of people like you."

His nickname? "The Whore of Mayfair."

His first movie crush? Raquel Welch.


Actor turned-potential New York mayoral candidate Alec Baldwin has taken to Twitter quite naturally since joining in May, but Tuesday was a high-water mark as he staged a three-hour question and answer session from Rome.

Baldwin is in the Eternal City to film Woody Allen's latest project, "Bop Decameron," which stars Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Penelope Cruz and Allen himself. It seems Baldwin either had a day off or very little to say to his castmates, for this Tweetathon started slow and continued to pick up steam.

It began in the middle of the night on the West Coast, but that was in the middle of the day in Rome, where Baldwin tweeted that he was. The first question bordered on invasive: “Briefs or boxers?” to which Baldwin replied “Thong.”

That set the tone for a freewheeling  discussion, with subjects ranging from favorite vacations spots and restaurants to movies and music to politics and, of course, some flirting.

Some questions went unanswered — Baldwin could not pick a favorite Stanley Kubrick film — but most got the straightforward reply Twitter was created for.

Some of the nuggets one could glean from it?

Baldwin’s favorite movie villain is Jack Palance in "Shane."

He loves the Wu-Tang Clan, Canadians and Teddy Roosevelt.

He hates the Alberta Tar Sands.

He could not choose a favorite Gene Hackman or Barbra Streisand movie, so he listed three for each ("Unforgiven," "The French Connection" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" for the former, "The Mirror Has Two Faces," "The Princes of Tides" and "Funny Girl" for the latter).

His favorite TV show is "60 Minutes," but only if he is not hosting "Saturday Night Live."

His “favorite place” in London is Sautter's tobacconist while his best vacation was to Wilmington, N.C.

Oh, and he likes girls. When asked which part of the female physique he likes more, he could not decide: “T. Then A. Then a bit more T. Then back to' the A.”

What about "blondes, brunettes, or redheads?" "That's mean," Baldwin quipped.

Hence it could end no other way than as it began — a flirtatious exchange between Baldwin and a female enthusiast.

“Which year was your favorite,” @Jamile 203 tweeted.

“What year were you born,” Baldwin replied.

J: “The year after you started acting”

A: “Ouch, babe.”

This time it seemed he had no trouble choosing.