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‘Alex, Inc’ Star Michael Imperioli on Going From Wise Guy to ‘Fish Out of Water’ (Video)

”Sopranos“ alum says Eddie Ramirez — who is involved with a podcast start-up — doesn’t even know what a podcast is at beginning of the ABC sitcom’s season

“Sopranos” alum Michael Imperioli said he welcomed the chance to go from wise guy to a “fish out of water” in the new ABC sitcom “Alex, Inc.”

“My character is someone who knows nothing about — doesn’t even really know what a podcast is at the beginning of the show,” the actor told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. That’s a problem because his character, Eddie Ramirez, works for a tech startup fun by Zach Braff’s Alex.

“He’s a Luddite, you know, doesn’t know a lot about technology in a very current, modern technology field,” Imperioli said. “So he’s really a fish out of water.”

Imperioli said that “Alex, Inc.” is a show about “taking chances and following your dreams,” and that it combines the “best of a family comedy with the best of a workplace comedy.”

“You see this group really trying to make something go, taking a risk, seeing if it can fly,” he said. “And on the other side you see how the reverberations might take place in his family and how that effects him.”

Watch the full interview above.

“Alex, Inc.” premieres on ABC Wednesday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m.