Strange Bud Fellows: InfoWars’ Alex Jones Cites George Soros to Defend His Pot Use

Popular conspiracy theorist testifies that he smokes weed annually to monitor its potency

Last Updated: April 20, 2017 @ 2:02 PM

Alex Jones does inhale — but only occasionally, and only for a good reason.

Or at least, that was Jones’ testimony on Thursday, during his ongoing child custody case.

“The Alex Jones Show” host and InfoWars boss Jones spent a portion of his 4/20 appropriately discussing his marijuana use. Or, at least discussing it as appropriately as Alex Jones could.

Austin American-Statesmen chief political writer Jonathan Tilove reported on Thursday that Jones smokes up annually, to monitor its potency, which he deemed to be too strong.

“That’s what police do. They smoke it once a year too,” Jones told the court, according to Tilove.

Somehow, Jones managed to drag billionaire and popular conservative bogeyman George Soros into the discussion of his pot use, according to BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel, who tweeted Thursday, “Jones talks about marijuana use says he tests it yearly to “monitor its strength” says it’s too strong now, blames George Soros for that.”

“Alex Jones gets slam at Soros in testimony, blaming him for campaign to legalize pot, which, based on Jones’ annual testing, is too strong,” Tilove noted.

Popular conspiracy theorist Jones, who’s facing off with his ex-wife, Kelly, also testified that “George Soros has brain damaged a lot of people,” according to Texas Monthly’s Dan Solomon.

Well, it has been suggested that paranoia is a side-effect of marijuana use…

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