Meet Alex Jones: Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist, Trump’s ‘Phone Buddy’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert dedicates monologue to dude who thinks juice boxes turn people gay

If you’ve never listened to — or even heard of — Alex Jones, this “Late Show” segment from last night will either become your favorite of the year, or readers will lose all remaining faith in humanity. Possibly both.

Stephen Colbert rolled some insane footage of the InfoWars guy, who frighteningly has the ear of our nation’s president, per the CBS late-night variety series.

“The name’s easy to remember,” Colbert set up of Jones’ far-right website, “just remember ‘info,’ then imagine someone at war with it.”

Right now, you might be saying, “Oh, come on — how bad can he be?” Well, in 2010, the conspiracy theorist blamed male homosexuality (or maybe just cross-dressing?) on the plastic lining found in juice boxes. So, this reporter’s answer is, “That bad.”

“Couple of sips, and suddenly your Capri Sun is your Capri Daughter,” Colbert quipped about the concept.

There’s way, way, way more craziness where that Jones’ factoid came from. For example, did you know that the Sandy Hook massacre of innocent children was faked? Jones does. Watch the video above and seethe.